Centennial Trail Extension Complete

Friday, January 16, 2009
Centennial Trail Extension Complete

The City of Snohomish purchased approximately 4.65 acres of abandoned rail corridor from the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company today.

The approximately $1.4 million total cost of the acquisition was 93% funded through two federal grants, with the remaining 7% from City Real Estate Excise Tax funds. Federal funding was provided through TEA-21 and SAFETEA-LU transportation bills, which set aside funding specifically for trail projects.

The City has already acquired additional funding for engineering and construction of this 3/4-mile gap between the Centennial Trail at Pine Avenue and the recently-constructed trail at Bowen Avenue (one block south of Second).

Representative Rick Larsen was instrumental in acquiring over $680,000. As currently projected, the trails engineering and construction costs are 100% funded by federal funds.

Routed alongside the Snohomish Library, the new Senior Center and the Boys and Girls Club, this new section of 12-wide asphalt trail will complete a missing link in our growing regional trail system. Construction is scheduled for 2010.

For further information, please call Ann Stanton, City of Snohomish Engineering Department, at (360) 568-3115.

Contributed by: City of Snohomish