SEIU and their clear violation

Thursday, March 05, 2009
SEIU and their clear violation

SEIU and their clear violation of legislative contract - Letter to Mr. Brown - From Candida


As a Childcare Center Provider for over 16 years with 6 employees, I have seen many changes in our industry.  I was thrilled when Governor Gregiore created the Department of Early Learning.  It validated childcare providers as professionals worthy of recognition for our handwork, community contribution and dedication.


I am disappointed that SEIU has taken over Family Home Providers and is trying to do the same to Centers.  I'm strongly opposed to this as are approximately 500 other Centers.


Recently it has come to my attention that SEIU has started a campaign against DEL, touting their ability to have DEL employees fired.  SEIU has also posted a "complaint form" on their website for providers to complain about DEL. 


I met with SEIU in January, Karen Hart and Kursten Holabird, in which they were absolutely clear that their contract with Family Home Providers did not allow them to interfere with DEL and providers. 


Well, they are either in violation of their legislation or they feel they control enough of Washington States government that there will be no repercussions from their latest website postings.


What has changed to allow this current trend?



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