Everyone hates Tim Eyman

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Everyone hates Tim Eyman

Editorial staff

In fact, we aren’t big fans of his either. He is obnoxious, loud and at times, seems to be unhinged. He is the face of anti-tax initiatives. We would surmise that there isn’t a single person in Washington State that hasn’t heard of Tim Eyman and not in a good way.

Initiative 976 has the cross-hairs placed firmly on his back once again. He says he’s got traction because 352,000 voters signed petitions to get Initiative 976 on the ballot. Anyone who has opened their State tab renewal notice lately could be a likely voter or an easy target for the petition drive.

Beyond all the hype and hatred of Eyman, what are the actual facts? Are we doomed if the initiative passes? Will life go on after the vote?

Here are some quick things to consider;

  • Washington has some of the highest gas taxes in the nation. #3
  • Washington’s total sales and excise tax burden is also #3 in the nation.
  • Does Sound Transit or the State have a good track record spending tax money wisely?

Tim Eyman is the perfect person to hate for trying to limit the fees associated with car tab renewal and if you live in the city and don’t drive or financially well off, then these fees don’t matter. But if you are a regular person trying to get by each month, then you may consider there is a better way to collect the money needed for road projects.

Politicians acknowledge that the current vehicle valuation system that sets each individual tab tax amount is flawed but instead of fixing the problem they just let it continue.

You would think that between state sales tax, gas tax, road and bridge tolling, property tax and the probability of future per-mile vehicle taxing, they could budget the public’s money a little better.

Our recommendation is for the State to bring more inclusion to the voters for all projects and not be spending money on side projects that get lumped into the bigger ones.

It doesn’t matter where you stand on taxing, what does matter is government accountability and transparency. Do your own math and use common sense when considering your vote. IT MATTERS!