PSE launches new energy efficiency program

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
PSE launches new energy efficiency program

In the midst of the current pandemic and economic crisis, Puget Sound Energy has launched Efficiency Boost, a new energy efficiency program that will bring customers additional energy and cost-saving opportunities.

The new program offers increased rebate amounts for income-qualified customers, so they can work on improving their home before winter arrives without breaking the bank. Whether customers are hoping to insulate their home, update windows, or replace a water heater or heating system, sliding scale rebates of up to $2,000 are available for those who qualify. Efficiency Boost income guidelines allow a four-person household with an annual gross income between $58,000 and $78,000 (before taxes) to qualify for the rebates.

The process is simple: Customers start by contacting a PSE Energy Advisor to confirm their income eligibility. Once they receive confirmation, the Energy Advisor can also provide a referral for a Recommended Energy Professional (REP), who would complete the work in their home and provide an instant rebate.

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Weatherization Attic Insulation R-11 or less to R-49 75% of cost up to $1,200
Floor Insulation R-0 to R-30 75% of cost up to $400
Wall Insulation R-0 to R-13 75% of cost up to $800
Prescriptive Duct Sealing and Insulation 75% of cost up to $800
Duct sealing only 75% of the cost up to $600
Prescriptive Air Sealing (attic and/or crawl space) 75% of cost up to $200 (per area)
Windows Windows, Single Pane to U30 $200 per window, up to $2,000
Water Heat Heat pump water heater: NEEA Northern Climate Tier 3 approved $600
Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater: ENERGY STAR® qualified $500
Natural Gas Storage Water Heater: ENERGY STAR® qualified $150
Space Heat Natural Gas Boiler: 95% AFUE $600
Natural Gas Furnace: 95% AFUE $600
Electric resistance to ductless heat pump: AHRI Certified; HSPF 9.0 $1,600
Electric forced air furnace to heat pump: AHRI certified; HSPF 8.2 for HP, 8.5 for DHP