Peoples Bank Impact Grants

Monday, August 21, 2023
Peoples Bank Impact Grants

Peoples Bank is excited to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Impact Grant program, designed to empower and uplift communities by supporting projects and initiatives that drive positive change and create lasting social benefits. Now in its sixth year, the Peoples Bank Impact Grant will provide a maximum of $25,000 to a single non-profit organization for a specific project, use, or identified purpose. An additional grant of up to $10,000 will be awarded to a second non-profit based on a public vote that will take place in October.

Peoples Bank, a trusted full-service financial institution serving Washington communities for over 100 years, recognizes the importance of giving back and investing in the betterment of local neighborhoods. The Impact Grant program reflects the Bank's commitment to supporting grassroots efforts that address critical challenges and contribute to the overall advancement of society.

"At Peoples Bank, we view our role as more than just financial support; we are stewards of progress, advocates for growth, and partners in community transformation," said Lisa Hefter, President and Chief Operating Officer at Peoples Bank. "We look forward to receiving Impact Grant proposals that have the potential to drive positive change and improve the quality of life for community members.”

Highlights of the Peoples Bank Impact Grant Program:

• Community-Centered Approach: The Impact Grant program is rooted in a community-centered philosophy. Peoples Bank is dedicated to fostering collaboration and partnership with local organizations and community leaders to identify areas where support is most needed.
• Diverse Focus Areas: Impact Grants cover a wide range of focus areas, including education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, social justice, arts and culture, and economic development. This diverse approach ensures that a variety of community needs are addressed.
• Financial Empowerment: Peoples Bank is committed to enabling sustainable growth and positive outcomes. Impact Grants provide financial empowerment to organizations working tirelessly to create a positive impact, thereby strengthening the overall fabric of the community.

Interested non-profits are invited to submit grant applications at The application process is designed to be accessible and straightforward, ensuring that organizations of all sizes can participate.