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Police Chief Gets Tough - New Solutions for Mid-Town

Published:06/06/2008 City
Police Chief Gets Tough - New Solutions for Mid-Town    Print Snohomish Times    
Chief Turner called together the property owners of the mid-town shopping area surrounding the Jack-in-the-Box and Dollar store. Also attending were the city manager Larry Bauman, Councilwomen Lynn Schilaty, city prosecutor and detectives. The reason for this meeting that was held at the police station was to address the increasing trouble with individuals loitering at or near the mid-town parking lot. The parking lot is located behind Jack in the Box and McDonalds next to the Dollar store. It is also adjacent to the trail that connects over to the freshman campus (old rail bed). Its along this trail that homeless teens and vagrant activities occur. Trash, littering, fires, noise and theft are some of the issues that are of great concern to the property owners that attended the meeting.

Solutions to these issues were not easy and required cooperation from all involved. Solutions discussed ranged from getting goats for the overgrown, dense brush area along the parking lot to 24hr security to monitor the comings and goings of the lot. Many were interested in some sort of camera system to monitor and capture images of those that are committing crimes. Chief Turner kept the group on task and in the end was able to commit to additional rounds through the lot by the department but noted that additional security measures will need to be implemented by the property owners before crime can be eradicated from the area. Todd Elvig said he would speak with the Chamber of Commerce to see if there were any events or markets that would like to locate in the parking lot. Trash clean up along the trail was also an issue that needs attention. Other groups may be willing to help in this area and possibly getting teens performing community service is also an option.

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