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Bringing the message of Hope to your doorstep

McDaniels Do it Best
Published:06/14/2008 Local
Bringing the message of Hope to your doorstep    Print Snohomish Times    
Mike Hope was out Saturday talking with 44th Legislative District constituents about what they see as the top priority for the next legislative session in Olympia. Mike was able to speak with approximately one thousand households about how he would make positive changes for the future if elected in November. Many residents asked Mike about his stand on education, transportation and the looming budget deficit. With the economy slowing and the jobless rate on the rise, it's how the state is going to deal with moving the economy forward. Mike was able to listen to the needs and explain how the legislature must learn to prioritize the states money. Residents must make their own budgets stretch to meet the needs of their families so why shouldn't they expect the same from Olympia?

A strong educational system, healthcare for low income families and a robust economy will keep our state one of the best places to live in the country. Mike was also able to identify with complaints about gridlock and the state's transportation policies. As a business owner, Mike knows the cost of Washington's poor transportation policies to businesses. HOV lanes and more busses don't do enough to solve gridlock and help get freight moving through our state.

The cost to our families that have loved ones sitting in traffic instead of home where they belong is unacceptable! The few band-aid road projects that you see going on are too little and not enough, we need real change, real solutions. Tax payers both business and individual deserve value for their money. The Loomi ng deficit is only going to get larger and traffic worse if we don't start making those hard choices now.

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