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HDS Businesses continue to use Sandwich Board Signs

Harvey Field
Published:06/15/2008 HDS
HDS Businesses continue to use Sandwich Board Signs    Print Snohomish Times    
Businesses in downtown Snohomish continue to use their sandwich board signs to advertise even after the way finder signs have been installed. A-Board signs are a great way to show the way to your business and now with the expensive way finder system in place many businesses have been able to double up on signage.

This is very helpful for those businesses to increase their revenue during this economic slowdown. Owners of several properties along Bickford Avenue may seek ways to add signs downtown to point the way to their establishments too. Having synergy between uptown and downtown is great for our little town; the next step will be to get some guidance from the city council. Currently the city is working from the basic rule outlined below but this may be altered to accommodate the downtown businesses that like the sandwich board signs.

A-Frame Signs to be removed from Historic District
The Citys Sign Code allowed the display of A-frame (sandwich board) signs in the Downtown only until the way finder signs could be installed. As announced previously, the way finder signs are now installed along First Street at Avenues A, B, and C. The way finder signs help give additional exposure to businesses located on those less-traveled streets.

During the May 20th City Council meeting, the Council directed City staff to begin to enforce the prohibition of A-frame signs throughout the Historic District. Downtown businesses are encouraged to remove their A-frame signs now, and thereby avoid a visit from the Citys code enforcement officer. City staff will implement the Councils direction in an objective and uniform manner. If you have an A-frame sign in the Historic District, please remove it now!

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