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Snohomish Police using Spy Glasses

Published:2011-06-21 Police
Snohomish Police using Spy Glasses    Print Snohomish Times    
Snohomish Police using Spy Glasses

The Snohomish Police are trying out some new personal video recorders Wednesday at the eye care center.

Chief Turner said that his officers have been experimenting with different styles and types of personal wearable video cameras for quite a while.

The problem is at night, they all record great during the day but when night comes they cant see anything. Along comes Anup at the eye care center with a product that claims to be very advanced in body wear surveillance.

 The company from China has developed a pair of eyeglasses that can record HD video. The Chief was very tight lipped about what exactly they would be getting but did say the first group would be getting them tomorrow thanks to the new police guild who has helped raise money for this.

Chief Turner said that citizens would be informed when this type of surveillance was being used on them and that everything they say and do is being recorded.

We did some searching of our own and came up with something that maybe close to what the police could be receiving as eyewear DVRs.

Micro Spycam Small Spy Gadget Systems the LENZ-HD, highest quality most durable professional grade DVR glasses ever made in China! Sales pitch; made from high durable ultra strong composite materials that can handle the toughest environments. The materials are ultra light as well, weighing in less than 2oz which makes the m the most comfortable, and the toughest DVR glasses ever made.

These glasses are used for search and seize by police departments and DEA. Military Security Missions. Use the LENZ-HD glasses in the sun as sunglasses or during the night with optional interchangeable clear lenses, makes them perfect for any condition, and with light sensitive CMOS recording at night will never be easier or clear.

Pinhole Camera: The 12 MP pinhole cameras are capable of capturing photographs at professional level resolution. The camera device is incredibly tiny and perfect for spy application as well. Disguised as regular sunglasses you can record situations without anybody around you knowing or aware they are being recorded.

Video Quality: High quality professional grade video recording HD 1280x720 (720P) video with Sound at 30fps (Frames Per Second) makes a very smooth recording. With the top of the line Sony ClearVid Image sensor the video quality is superior to any product with same or even higher resolution costing over 3 times as much.

Built-In Memory: This high tech state of the art recording glasses contains 8GB of memory upgradable to 36GB which can record up to 20 hours of video. Eye Protection: The LENZ-HD come with polarized lenses to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, so your eyes are safe while recording video or capturing photographs. Lenses are interchangeable and available as an added accessory.

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