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SR 9 Spring Carnival and Groundbreaking Event

Published:06/16/2008 Roads
SR 9 Spring Carnival and Groundbreaking Event    Print Snohomish Times    

The SR 9 Spring Carnival and Groundbreaking Event were held June 16th at 11:00 a.m. WSDOT helped the attendees learn more about the project and participated in fun carnival-like activities. Children from a local home school came early for an interactive environmental presentation at 10:00 a.m. Guest speakers were; Larina Ing WSDOT, Snohomish County Peter Camp, Community Transit Joyce Ellenor, Snohomish Schools Dan Foster. Other guests included; Corridor Project Manager John Chi, City of Snohomish Larry Bauman, EDC Debbie Emge, Chamber Manager Pam Osborne, Chamber Board members Sue Sullivan - Colleen Hill and Kirk Willams, Marysville Mayor and even Mike Hope candidate for the 44th legislative district.

WSDOT is making a variety of safety and some congestion improvements along State Route 9 from 176th Street SE to Marsh Road just south of the Snohomish River. This will include converting SR 9 from Lowell-Larimer to Marsh to a four-lane highway road and adding guardrail from Lowell-Larimer to Marsh Road, about 2 miles. Stopping short of the Snohomish River will mean that Snohomish will remain a major choke point in the region.

SR 9 is the only major north-south roadway on the east side of Snohomish County and the only major alternative to Interstate 5, upgrading this roadway is way overdue. From 1980 to 2000 Snohomish County population has increased by almost 80 percent and is projected to grow another 60 percent by 2030. Traffic volumes in the area have increased by almost 40 percent and this section of SR 9 currently carries an average of 20,000 vehicles each day. Widening Highway 9 all the way to Arlington would completely change the region but that's not going to happen anytime soon. With widening roadways seemingly last on the agenda its no wonder it seems that WSDOT is always playing catch up.

In 2005, drivers were involved in 78 collisions along this stretch of road. This is a 32 percent increase since 2001 and many of the collisions were congestion related, such as rear-end and T-bone collisions. Widening the highway will improve traffic flow and safety on this busy route, most work wont be completed this year. Installing a new traffic signal, turn lanes and improved lighting may also help reduce the number and severity of collisions.

  • A wider, four-lane section of SR 9, from Lowell-Larimer to Marsh Road, about 2 miles.
  • New guardrail from Lowell-Larimer to Marsh Road.
  • New intersections at Marsh Road and SR 9, and at the Marsh/Airport Way/Springhetti intersection.
  • New traffic signal at 164th St SE. 
  • New turn lanes at four major intersections.
  • New interconnected traffic signals on SR 9 between 176th St. SE and Marsh Road will communicate with each other to keep vehicles moving instead of waiting at lights.
  • Seven new cameras will be installed from 164th Street to just north of Marsh Road to give drivers the most up-to-date traffic status.

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