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Published:2016-04-19 State

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson dominated the 2016 State Party straw poll, outperforming all other candidates combined by 4:1. The poll was conducted by Libertarian Party members at convention over the three-day period April 8th through the 10th. Delegates to the convention were asked to provide their preference for first, second, and third choice in a poll of likely delegates to the national Libertarian Party nomination convention next month. The poll was non-binding to the elected delegates.

80% of delegates pledged support for former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, 16% favored Missouri News Producer Austin Petersen and 4% of the vote went to Anti-virus tech mogul John McAfee. When asked for a 2nd choice candidate, convention goers overwhelmingly favored John McAfee with 40% of the vote, providing insight into strength of McAfee’s growing campaign.

The most recent national polls show Johnson performing at 11% when placed in a three-way contest with Clinton and Trump. Johnson, however, reported 76% ‘no opinion’ in the same poll, possibly indicating a lack of any recognition on the national level.

In addition to the straw poll, the convention saw a full endorsement of over 30 state Libertarian candidates and campaigns for the 2016 election cycle. The Libertarian Party of Washington State reported significant growth in party ranks, attributing growth to the message of the party as well as overwhelming public concern with the state of the national presidential elections.

Party Chairman Steven Nielson retired his gavel and announced his campaign for Commissioner of Public Lands. Party Secretary and former campaign manager David Traynor was appointed by acclamation to take to reigns of the Party.
David Traynor indicated that Party leaders and activists expect the national presidential election to elevate their party status from minor to major in the state. As third party ballot access remains a contentious subject in the state of Washington, party members will be seeking 1,000 validated signatures in the coming months to secure a place for the Libertarian nominee on the 2016 Presidential Ballot. The Libertarian Presidential candidate will need to receive over 5% of the state-wide vote total for the party to achieve the sought-after major party status. Gary Johnson received only 1.42% of the Washington vote in 2012 as the Libertarian candidate, however with recent national exposure of the Johnson campaign, the party fully expects to exceed the 5% goal.

Published: Thursday, September 14, 2017
Search warrants served in Everett Search warrants served in Everett
Multiple law enforcement agencies assisted the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department with the service of a search warrant at several locations within Everett on Thursday.

Published: Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Bricks on Fire Bricks on Fire
‘Bricks on Fire’ Firehouse-Building Competition Set for Saturday

Published: Thursday, September 07, 2017
Lt. Rogers to serve as Snohomish Police Chief Lt. Rogers to serve as Snohomish Police Chief
The Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that Lt. Keith Rogers has been selected as the new Snohomish Chief of Police.

Published: Monday, August 28, 2017
Firefighters extinguish fast moving brush fire Firefighters extinguish fast moving brush fire
Just before 1:29 pm on Friday, August 25th, a single engine was dispatched to a report of a fire at the intersection of 132nd St SE and 39th Ave SE.

Published: Monday, August 21, 2017
Girls Attacked in Snohomish Girls Attacked in Snohomish
Four girls ranging in age from 8 to 12 were walking along the Interurban Trail when the suspect approached them

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Overnight Drive-By Shooting
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Shooting was related to a drug deal
Published: 2017-07-07
Fatal Hit and Run Accident NB on-ramp to I-5 at 4th St.


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