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OPINION: Anthony Welti

Published:2019-10-22 Opinion
OPINION: Anthony Welti    Print Snohomish Times    
OPINION: Anthony Welti

“Current Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler oversteps his duties to represent consumers by taking a potshot at legal and responsible gun owners in Washington State by fining USCCA and forcing out membership plans purchased without a single legal claim or complaint from customers in WA. “ Said Anthony Welti, 2020 Canidate for Insurance Commissioner.

USCCA is a gun owners membership club that has a ‘ protection plan, with membership in its association.” under the premise that it is an illegally issued (unlicensed) insurance policy and that it covers a criminal act which is Illegal in Washington state.

This situation has two main issues the Insurance Commissioner brought up. One of which is that the company selling the policy was not approved to sell insurance in Washington. The second issue was in respect to a state law that prohibits insurance to cover criminal acts.” I would like to touch on both of these but before I do I want to be perfectly clear. I am not a firearm owner; nor do I have a membership with the USCCA. I do however have a great deal of respect for what insurance can do to protect someone in the time of need and what good it can do to victims of a claim situation” stated Welti

The main issue here is the fact that the seller was not approved to sell insurance in Washington State. This is a factual statement in practice Anthony agrees “ I fully support equally enforcing this law fairly across the board. We cannot cut special deals for certain companies. However, I would suggest that this law be removed entirely, and I would look to work with legislators in Olympia to sponsor a bill to abolish the law. We do not need 1 company to have 50 different licenses to sell a product, it increases the cost of insurance for every product in our state”

He continues, “I believe this pragmatic step towards allowing people the freedom to make their own choices is key to a civil society. If a company is licensed in WA but wants to also sell insurance in OR, why do they need to repeat another costly and drawn out bureaucratic process? I would also suggest a free market accreditation program similar to the BBB could provide consumer protection without infringing on an individual's right to do business with any company of their liking.”

With the primary issue out of the way that leaves the criminal acts portion. Anthony believes “The Commissioner is ignoring the 5th amendment of due process as guaranteed by the American Constitution. A gun owners home could be broken into, and if they fire their weapon for any reason they could end up in the court system innocent or guilty of a crime. The American Judicial system is broken, only the people that can afford high priced lawyers stand a chance of being properly defended. This is witnessed across America, especially in minority groups”

Anthony contends “that firing a gun is not a criminal act until proven guilty in the court of law and that all Americans are entitled to a fair and just judicial system that includes the ability to hire and retain any lawyer they wish. Purchasing an insurance policy to help protect oneself from financial loss is done for countless reasons, and it is only fair that legal gun owners get that same chance. What seems hypocritical is the incumbent Commissioner has not banned Auto insurance that covers DUI’s”

Anthony wants voters to know “ We can pick a path going forward that doesn't include ploys to gain political points and instead focuses on serving the ALL the voters of Washington, regardless of their political ideology. USCCA did not hurt anyone, had not had any complaints and offered a service that people valued. Elected bureaucrats in Olympia would do well to remember they serve WE the people, not their political party bosses and lobbyists”.

Anthony Welti
Candidate, Washington State Insurance Commissioner

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