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Rossi takes Kla ha ya Days by storm.

Freds Rivertown Alehouse
Published:07/24/2008 Local
Rossi takes Kla ha ya Days by storm.    Print Snohomish Times     Photos Video

The annual Kla ha ya Days parade was a run-a-way success for Dino Rossi and Mike Hope who were met with cheers from the crowd. Rossi who likes doing small town events because of their friendly atmosphere and regular guy/gal attitudes had Mike Hope walk with him. Hope is running for the 44th legislative district and subscribes to many of Rossi's ideas like fixing transportation and better education. Hope who is considered by most to be the front runner in the 44th is a very active campaigner, he has seen great acceptance when out door belling.

Not to go unnoticed was the Washington Democratic Party, they had banners for Obama, Gregiore, Loomis and Dunshee. The only one to march was Loomis which was surprising due to the fact that this is Dunshee's home town but he may not feel the need to campaign, he is considered by many to be unbeatable. Larry Countryman who was in the parade is going to give it a shot and by the looks of it he has a good following, his group was quite large, in fact it may have been larger then all the Democrat marchers combined. George Appeal had a great entry with an old red ford, of course we are partial to red fords here at the Snohomish Times.

The Kla ha ya Days parade had many great entries this year, one favorite was Oxygene, he is the Community Transit Superhero. Of course you can't have a parade without the High school band and as usual the played well. There was also an entry from Calgary Canada, a very well put together marching band. Other marchers included, Country Dancers, Drill Teams, Cheer Squads and the Snohomish Fire Dept. The grand marshall was Kla ha ya days own Dallas VanDyke, he rode in a red convertible. Kathie Salvadalena had a outstanding float with a small house and a yard, Kathie is a local realtor at Snohomish Windermere. All in all the parade was a huge success and we will probably see everyone back next year to cheer on another group of entries.

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