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Published:09/13/2008 Sports
RALLY THROUGH THE VALLEY!!!!!    Print Snohomish Times     Photos

On Friday, Sept. 12th Glacier Peak held a prep rally for their first ever home football game. The excitement was very contagious and everyone was full of Grizzly spirit! The booster club for Glacier Peak had been very busy preparing decorations for the event. There were so many parents involved that they were running out of jobs, but no one could have predicted the level of volunteerism that came forward at this new school.

With the rally about to start, Mayor Hamlin, Dr. Mester, Principal Jim Dean, and Coach Rosenbach came into where the student body had gathered and the band was playing the fight song. Principal Dean opened the rally with a few words of encouragement and then turned over the MC Job to John Bonner.  Bonner got the crowd going with a couple of quick one liner's. He then introduced Mayor Randy Hamlin who spoke of his time as a football player and the pride he felt representing his school. He also spoke of community and school spirit.

Dr. Mester was next, he spoke of the great achievement it was to get this new school off the ground and how excited he was to see it come together. He anticipates great things for Glacier Peak and all of the Snohomish school district. You could tell Dr. Mester was pleased with what he saw by the smile on his face.

HERE WE GO!  Coach Rosenbach stepped up and took it to the house! He rallied the crowd that was already showing great admiration for their coach. He brought home the ideals of team work and hard work. Coach Rosenbach knows discipline, honor, pride and hard work; he spent several years attending the US Air Force Academy.  He was pleased with the progress the team had made and the pride they show every time they go onto the field with older teams. The decision was made to play up, not down this year, that means they are playing a full varsity schedule even thought they don't have any seniors. They could've chosen to play a JV schedule this year and a Varsity schedule next.

The players responded well to the coach's speech and chanted their rally cry. Heading to the busses the players went through a tunnel of parents, faculty and students. Outside the school band had already began to play and as the players boarded the busses the fans got in their cars. The Snohomish Fire Dept. and Sheriffs Dept. were to lead the procession down to Veterans Stadium.

As the caravan proceeded across the valley it seemed to stretch on for miles. You could hear the honking and yelling from way over at Harvey field. The spirit that these kids and parents were showing was not to be denied.

The actual game turned out to be just as exciting, matching Lake Stevens opening touchdown with one of their own. At the half it was LS 21 and GP 14, that's ok said a parent, "We are showing we can play the game." This was a hard fought game, Glacier Peak never gave up. FINAL: LS 35  GP 21. Even though Glacier Peak wound up short on points they were never short on heart. The final score shows that they can play and they are only going to get better.

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