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Sidewalk and street improvements

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Published:2023-02-27 Roads
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Sidewalk and street improvements

LAKE STEVENS, WASH. – The city is looking forward to a productive 2023 focused on infrastructure improvements, economic development, recreational activities and building sidewalk and street projects funded by its Transportation Benefit District (TBD).

“We support a vibrant economy, modern infrastructure and a high quality of life,” Mayor Brett Gailey said. “Our goal for 2023 is to advance these types of projects for both residents and businesses.”

Sidewalk and street improvements
The city’s TBD funding will start coming in by June through a 0.2 percent sales tax approved by voters in November 2022. The city estimates that the TBD will provide approximately $1.5 million per year to pay for sidewalk connections to schools, pedestrian safety projects and street improvements. The funding will also be used to leverage additional grant money to build larger traffic congestion-relief projects.

A complete list of TBD priority projects can be found on the city’s website. The first three projects the city will begin this year include:
• Multiuse path on 16th Street NE connecting downtown Main Street to the Centennial Trail
• Sidewalks on 91st Avenue SE between Market Place and 20th Street SE connecting Lake Stevens Middle School, Skyline Elementary and Hillcrest Elementary
• Sidewalks on 117th Avenue NE between 20th Street NE and 26th Street NE near Lake Stevens High School

Economic development
The city will continue its revitalization of the Lake Stevens Center focusing this year on the redevelopment concept for 91st Ave NE. The economic development vision for this area is to be a pedestrian-oriented “Main Street” and support mixed-use (commercial and residential) buildings. Project consultants are scheduled to present two designs to the City Council by midyear. In 2010, the city adopted a growth strategy for this area that has supported businesses in Frontier Village, built Vernon Village and facilitated the construction of the RAM restaurant and Bartell Drugs south of Market Place.

Another key area for the city is the Lake Stevens Industrial Center. The city wants to promote this area as one that provides family-wage jobs for residents. The 280-acre project site combines the Hartford and Machias industrial areas and will provide a multiyear vision to expand building square footage and increase local employment opportunities.

City residents have said that parks and recreational opportunities are a priority. The city continues to expand its parks system to ensure spaces for families to play, relax and create community. The 2023 budget includes funding for improvements at Sunset Park, Frontier Heights Park, 20th Street Powerline Trail and extending the South Lake Stevens multiuse path to Highway 9. The city is also working to secure $1.8 million in state funding to remodel the Cedarwood Community Center.

Last year, the city formed a parks department and conducted an inventory of all parks and needed improvements. The city conducted a comprehensive assessment of playground facilities and determined four needed to be removed and one will be repaired. Others will stay open to the public and be repaired on site.

Infrastructure improvements
The city has multiple capital projects underway that will continue this year, including the state’s SR9/204 roundabout project. The state is building multiple roundabouts to reduce traffic congestion, improve mobility, provide better access to businesses and improve connections for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and drivers. The roundabout work is scheduled to resume this spring and wrap up later in 2023.

Published: Tuesday, May 09, 2023
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